Welcome to OzDSM

Welcome to OzDSM - a collaborative workspace for researchers working on digital soil mapping in Australia.

This workspace is the initiative of the Advisory Group on Digital Soil Assessment, a working group of the National Committee on Soil & Terrain

Digital Soil Mapping

OzDSM map example

OzDSM map demonstrator

Digital Soil Mapping (DSM) utilises numerical methods and information technologies to produce predictive maps of soil types and their properties. DSM relies on traditional field mapping, observations and laboratory analyses for soil data but also utilises spatial models of landscape terrain and remotely-sensed properties.  Typically numerical methods such as interpolation algorithms and data mining are used to create the maps.

The International Union of Soil Sciences Digital Soil Mapping Working Group defines DSM as "creation and the population of a geographically referenced soil database, generated at a given resolution by using field and laboratory observation methods coupled with environmental data through quantitative relationships."